I can write a poem/essay about WWIIMy goal is succeed in ela.

D Day Bing, bang, boom, tanks go wild,
Shooting everywhere I wouldn’t want to be there,
Not even on a dare.
Guns load up the people run for the entire lives.
Soldiers are in the war to save their friends,
Family and there selves.
People take cover so they don't get shot
They poke their heads up and BOOM
They get shot in the head.
Poor soldiers laying on the ground suffering and
Bleeding to death.
The soldiers care for the people in their country trying to save people.
Soldiers cry because there in the war,
Planes fly over their heads dropping bombs everywhere.
From sun till dawn they fight in till the
Day is gone.
Will Canada win this fight?
They will fight till the end of the war.
They will fight till the end of their death
Trying to fight as hard as they can.
The soldiers are bleeding from their head
To toe it is terrifying.
You see people lying dead on the ground with
Blood coming out of their body
Just watching it.
Canada is proud and strong
Fighting for their country.
When we stare at Juno Beach
We remember the Germans defeat.
And that was the end of D Day.
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By: Dallas Lister